Finding Love in Student Ministry

Waking up at 6 am getting ready to meet students at Chick Fil A for our Monday morning Bible study does not happen by accident. Instead, because of love for students and Student Ministry, Youth Pastors wake up to disciple and do life with their students.

In June 2019 I will begin my 16th year in Student Ministry. I started this journey because of my love for God, but I have stayed in because of my love for Youth Ministry. Yes, there are parts of the job that I may not like all the time, but I love sharing God’s Word with teenagers daily. Someone asked me a few years ago this question, “What is your favorite thing about Student Ministry?”

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Scott Talley
Reflections on Thailand

Last semester, I had the amazing opportunity to go Thailand through Clayton King Ministries. While I was there, I got to experience all kinds of different things and God taught me a lot. I got to do fun things like riding an elephant and releasing floating lanterns from the rooftop of the church, but I also did some challenging things like trying to have conversational practice with a semi-interested group of high schoolers and surviving a car ride while sick. I even learned seven different words or sayings within the week! However, what God taught me while I was there is what is going to stick with me the rest of my life. I’ll sum it up in three little points that I’ll go on to elaborate: patience, encouragement, and teamwork.

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Katie BaityComment