The Impact of Ministry Win

Tomorrow my book, Ministry Win, releases on Amazon and on our website. I wanted to use today’s blog to share how churches can be impacted by Ministry Win. I have been serving in Youth Ministry since 2003, but around 2014 I began to study more in-depth how Student Ministries in America function. Why? Because I felt like at that moment that the Student Ministry in America was created to be more than just numbers and programs.

Sometimes we look at Student Ministry from a perspective of competition. Sadly, I think that some Student Pastors see their ministry through the lens of competing with other ministries in their area. Our ministry in a local church was never to compete or even model another church. Our ministries where we serve exists to reach, disciple, and grow students. 

I wrote Ministry Win because I wanted to help my ministry where I was serving grow spiritually. I was tired of going from event to event. I wanted to have a purpose for doing Student Ministry daily. When you open the book and work through the pages, you will see how your ministry can win and have a strong foundation for growth. 

Yes, I wanted numerical growth, but for me to see exponential growth, I wanted our ministry to have a foundation for visitors to walk into weekly. I am going to take it that if you are reading my blog, you must like to learn a little bit. Well in my research I read many different books, but there was a constant theme kept occurring, we must be building a foundation in students while in our ministry. 

I know it seems simple, students will stick with their Christian faith after graduation if we help them build a strong foundation in our ministries. But let me ask you this, how are you making a foundation within your students? 

We must have a game plan and a strategy for doing ministry. I know that each one of us who are pastors we do not preach to our congregation or students unprepared. Instead, each of us put in hours a week preparing and writing our messages. Well, the same thing needs to happen with how we do ministry. 

Ministry Win was written because I wanted to help Youth Ministries in America win in ministry and find their purpose. I did not write this book to be another one of those books to model your ministry after, but instead, I wrote it as a book/workbook to help you create a winning strategy for ministry.  

Let’s win in ministry together.

Scott TalleyComment