Top 5 books for Parents in Summer of 2019

The following list of 5 books are books that over the last few months I have found pivotal for parents who have a teenager. I have compiled this list as a Youth Pastor sharing some resources with parents. Any questions or comments you can leave below in the comment section.

1. The Grown-Up's Guide to Teenage Humans written by Josh Shipp:

Josh Shipp’s book has genuinely changed ministry and life for me. Somewhere in late September of 2017, this book crossed my desk as a must read for Youth Pastors and Parents. Yes, it is lengthy, but Josh who is well educated and researched put out a book that talks through challenges of communicating, understanding a teenage mindset, and he works with specific age ranges. I have seen this book help parents have better conversations and relationship with their teen.

2. Stop Dating the Church by Joshua Harris:

I know that Harris’ book takes us back to 2004, but over this past quarter, I have found myself opening up this book to reread to help me connect students back to the church. Teenagers within our student ministries in America bring different baggage, struggles, and demands of their life. I found that reading Stop Dating the Churchhelped me to write messages to help students fall in love with the church and see the purpose of the local church. I recommend reading through this book and having a conversation with your children.

3. Stoked: 6 Questions to Fuel your fire for Jesus by Chase Snyder:

I have recently discovered Stoked, but I have found that working through these 6 Questions will help parents and students to grow in Christ. The 6 questions will take you on a six-week journey to fuel your fire for Jesus. I would recommend working through this book with your child and journaling along with them. I truly believe you will see great spiritual conversations and help you connect with your teenager.

4. The end of me by Kyle Idleman:

The end of mehas become a book that I have seen change perspectives within teenagers lives. Kyle Idleman walks through the sermon on the mount and helps his readers to take the focus off of me and put the emphasis on Jesus. I love the generation of teenagers that stand before us daily, but a huge struggle I see amongst this generation is an inward focus on everything. Some teenagers are choosing themselves and their comforts over Christ. Idleman’s book will help them see a different perspective of their Christian walk.

5. Goliath Must Fall: Winning the Battle Against your Giants by Louie Giglio:

Giglio has put out what I believe is the best book ever written on dealing with fears, anxiety, depression, and failures. I think parents should talk through this book with their children as they battle giants within their life. The conversation I have had with students around this book has helped students realize that their battle has been conquered by Christ. Giglio works through 1 Samuel and Psalm 23 through the lens of the New Testament. I highly recommend this book for you to read and also share it with your teenager.

Disclaimer: Not everything shared in these books is held by the contributors or the leaders of Ministry Win.

Scott Talley